The history of genesis of R.G.Kar Medical College dates back to later half of the Nineteenth Century.

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Faculty Details

Name Designation Mobile No. Email Department Remarks
Dr. Sumanta Mondal Assistant Professor 9830125528 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Goutam Chowdhury Professor 9830096291 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Saikat Niyogi Professor 9831732443 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Sejuti Sen Dutta Tutor 8902675495 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Sugata Dasgupta Professor 9432874041 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Vineet Das Tutor 9002642990 Anaesthesiology
DR. GARGI DUTTA Tutor 9163258830 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Bani Parvati Magda Hembrom Associate Professor 9433214085 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Bilkish Begum Tutor 8599907852 Anaesthesiology
DR. ANINDYA KISHORE DEBNATH Tutor 9830514045 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Susanta Kumar Halder Associate Professor 9434160231 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Abhishek Banerjee Tutor 9831773574 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Depasree Bhattacharya Professor and HOD 9433396306 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Sujata Ghosh Associate Professor 9903663696 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Rama Chakraborty Ghatak Tutor 9433865165 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Sankar Roy Associate Professor 9434165426 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Nitisha Chakraborty Tutor 9831801311 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Debojyoti Sur Assistant Professor 9836738006 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Sourav Mallick Tutor 9477462753 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Arpita Choudhury Assistant Professor 8334072456 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Arindam Das Tutor 9836074202 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Rajib Ganguli Assistant Professor 9830370246 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Debojyoti Mukherjee Tutor 8582920425 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Amit Kumar Ray Assistant Professor 9830374904 Anaesthesiology
Dr. Anubha Saha Professor and HOD 8420965190 Anatomy
Dr. Alipta Bhattcharya Associate Professor 9831707591 Anatomy
Dr. Sunandita Nath Assistant Professor 9831055312 Anatomy
Dr. Satarupa Paul Assistant Professor 9831441768 Anatomy
Dr. Anjana Dhur Assistant Professor 9831380120 Anatomy
Dr. Paramita Nag Demonstrator 9051486446 Anatomy
Dr. Reshma Ghosh Demonstrator 9432347930 Anatomy
Dr. Tanushree Roy Demonstrator 9432907770 Anatomy
Dr. Angshuman De Associate Professor 9775908153 Biochemistry
Dr. Sharmistha Choudhury Assistant Professor 9711962712 Biochemistry
Dr. Pradipta Ghosh Assistant Professor 9748175193 Biochemistry
Dr. Nandita Hazra Demonstrator 8902552737 Biochemistry
Dr. Jaitra Bhattacharya Demonstrator 8337079533 Biochemistry
Dr. Ananya Saha Demonstrator 9836180368 Biochemistry
Dr. Jayanta De Professor and HOD 8777260171 Biochemistry
Dr. Amirullah Ali Demonstrator 9477307005 Biochemistry
Dr. Srabani Biswas Professor 9433010376 Biochemistry
Dr. Avijit Saha Associate Professor 9433146696 Biochemistry
Dr. Haripada Das Associate Professor 9123387085 Cardiac Anaesthesia
Dr. Bhakti Banerjee Das Professor and HOD 9830301918 Cardiac Anaesthesia
DR. SANJUKTA RAY Tutor 9748436339 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Dr. Rajarshi Basu Associate Professor 9830269850 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Dr. Bhaskar Das Associate Professor 9051063921 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Dr. Sumanta Das Associate Professor 9836230551 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Dr. Tinni Mitra Assistant Professor 9831010012 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
DR. ANSUMAN MANDAL Professor HOD 9434331459 Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Dr. Lina Mukhrerjee Tutor 9831701843 Cardiology
Dr. Bhuban Majhi Associate Professor 9830363425 Cardiology
Dr. Lipika Adhikari Associate Professor 9434830964 Cardiology
Dr. Subhro Chakraborty Assistant Professor 9874602649 Cardiology
Dr. Subrata Basu Associate Professor 9874858905 Cardiology Detailment
Dr. Manash Bhanja Chowdhury Assistant Professor 9433415587 Cardiology
Dr. Sougat Chakraborty Tutor 9674014396 Cardiology
Dr. Satanik Hazra Tutor 9674406465 Cardiology
Dr. Manish Saha Tutor 9433223461 Cardiology
Dr. Rammohan Roy Tutor 9433153200 Cardiology
Dr. Biswajit Majumder Professor and HOD 9830295168 Cardiology
Dr. Soumya Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor 9830202687 Chest Medicine
Dr. Silajit Sarkar Tutor 9830038482 Chest Medicine
Dr. Himadri Samanta Tutor 9434623074 Chest Medicine
Dr. Debasish Karmakar Tutor 7003623668 Chest Medicine
Dr. Atin Dey Professor 9433233933 Chest Medicine
Dr. Arunabha Datta Chowdhury Professor 9433162841 Chest Medicine
Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya Associate Professor 9830486724 Chest Medicine
Dr. Sumit Roy Tapadar Associate Professor 9433563348 Chest Medicine
Dr. Susmita Kundu Professor and HOD 9433238525 Chest Medicine
Dr. Debabani Biswas Associate Professor 9038763935 Chest Medicine
Dr. Pallabi Dasgupta Assistant Professor 8296745820 Community Medicine Detailed at NBMC
Dr. Kakali Mondal Demonstrator 9231556480 Community Medicine
Dr. Samir Kumar Ray Professor and HOD 9433161659 Community Medicine
Dr. Nairita Dalui Demonstrator 9830692885 Community Medicine
Dr. Mohan Gayen Demonstrator 8670803524 Community Medicine
Dr. Sumanta Saha Demonstrator 8597749014 Community Medicine
Dr. Manabendra Sau Associate Professor 9433369650 Community Medicine
Dr. Deepta Dutta Demonstrator 9830247136 Community Medicine
Dr. Tapabrata Guha Roy Associate Professor 9432987343 Community Medicine
Dr. Narendra Kumar Tiwary Asst. Professor (Statistics) Community Medicine
Dr. Prajjwal Sengupta Assistant Professor 9230545384 Community Medicine
Dr. Anamika Chatterjee Assistant Professor 9433731922 Community Medicine
Dr. Mou Banerjee Assistant Professor 9433365701 Dentistry
Dr. Bodhisatta Mukherjee Dental Sur cum Cl Tutor 9874981921 Dentistry
Dr. Sourav Chandra Dental Sur cum Cl Tutor 7892102175 Dentistry
Dr. Sandip Kumar Mandal Professor and HOD 9874923274 Dentistry
Dr. Nishat Anjum Dental Sur cum Cl Tutor 8420880630 Dentistry
Dr. Gautam Naskar Associate Professor 9433310477 Dentistry
Dr. Sudip Kumar Ghosh Professor and HOD 9831201494 Dermatology
DR. SAYANTANI CHAKRABORTY Assistant Professor 9163324488 Dermatology
Dr. Jayasri Das (Pramanik) Professor 9830357111 Dermatology
DR. ANUSHREE GANGOPADHYAY Tutor 8902184909 Dermatology
Dr. Somashree Dutta Tutor 8584910199 Dermatology
Dr. Maloy Pramanik Tutor 9007075080 Dermatology
Dr. Debarati Bhar Tutor 9433111811 Endocrinology
Dr. Debashis Biswas Tutor 9775123244 ENT Detailed at NBMC
Dr. Mansoor Alam Tutor 9804173345 ENT
Dr. Indra Nath Kundu Professor and HOD 9432205217 ENT
DR. KUNTAL MAITY Tutor 9830045570 ENT
Dr. Jayanta Saha Associate Professor 9433129539 ENT
Dr. Debabrata Biswas Assistant Professor 9831996964 ENT
Dr. Debabrata Das Assistant Professor 9832197229 ENT
Dr. Subhadip Sardar Tutor 7278799427 ENT
Dr. Somnath Das Professor and HOD 9830404547 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Sandip Mukhopadhyay Associate Professor 9932791576 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Saumabrata Panja Assistant Professor 8240270326 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Debaleena Das Assistant Professor 9432920416 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Apurba Biswas Professor 8013072418 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Debasish Som Demonstrator 9433170139 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Diyasini Roy Demonstrator 9007059909 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Dr. Sujay Ray Associate Professor 9830080785 Gastroenterology
Dr. Arghya Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor 8240280476 Gastroenterology
Dr. Ramtanu Bandyopadhyay Professor 9830153511 General Medicine
Dr. Mridul Kanti Das Professor 9332990635 General Medicine
Dr. Ritoban Halder Tutor 9903192578 General Medicine
Dr. Sudipta Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor 8017536210 General Medicine
Dr. Tuhin Subhra Sarkar Tutor 9732430137 General Medicine
Dr. Prabir Kr. Kundu Assistant Professor 9477074055 General Medicine
Dr. Soumya Ghosh Tutor 8346051145 General Medicine
Dr. Rana Rajak Assistant Professor 8322825356 General Medicine
Dr. Minhajul Hasan Tutor 9073569402 General Medicine
Dr. Aniruddha Roy Professor and HOD 9830195174 General Medicine
Dr. Arindam Nag Professor General Medicine
Dr. Sanjit Mal Assistant Professor 9474415626 General Medicine
Dr. Judhajit Maiti Tutor 8584057165 General Medicine
Dr. Sudip Kumar Majumdar Assistant Professor 9830314383 General Medicine
Dr. Durbadal Mohanta Tutor 8777869710 General Medicine
Dr. Liton Sarkar Assistant Professor 9614650139 General Medicine
DR. Ashimananda Goldar Tutor 7908938081 General Medicine
Dr. Suvrendu Sankar Kar Assistant Professor 9874835349 General Medicine
DR. HIMANSU ROY Professor 9433393056 General Medicine
Dr. Dipankar Ghosh Tutor 8240691134 General Medicine
Dr. Pranab Kumar Maity Assistant Professor 9477044233 General Medicine
Dr. Ritwika Majumdar Assistant Professor 8697177490 General Medicine
Dr. Jorge Pal Tutor 8436318199 General Surgery
Dr. Dilip Kumar Das Professor 9433142249 General Surgery
Dr. Mala Mistri Associate Professor 9734410741 General Surgery
Dr. Sasanka Nath Associate Professor 9433120575 General Surgery
Dr. Dipak Chowdury Assistant Professor 9474409251 General Surgery
Dr. Debajit Kumar Roy Assistant Professor 9903085093 General Surgery
Dr. Goutam Ghosh Professor and HOD 9474095472 General Surgery
Dr. Tusar Kanti Saradar Assistant Professor 9748212802 General Surgery
Dr. Himansu Roy Professor General Surgery
Dr. Samir Ranjan Assistant Professor 9329902257 General Surgery
Dr. Suman Das Assistant Professor 8296860512 General Surgery
Dr. Samput Mallick Assistant Professor 9038575405 General Surgery
Dr. Bikash Chandra Ghosh Professor 9433032989 General Surgery
Dr. Prasenjit das Assistant Professor 9733886090 General Surgery
Dr. Ramanuj Mukherjee Professor 9830129894 General Surgery
Dr. Sandip Sarkar Assistant Professor 9434189564 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Debdatta Ghosh Professor and HOD 9830360766 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Rupali Modak Assistant Professor 9433318088 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Nilanjana Chaudhury Professor 9830234829 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Badal Dhali Assistant Professor 9433274849 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Aparna Khan Mondal Associate Professor 9614671339 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Chhandos Saha Tutor 7278812549 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Abhijit Rakshit Associate Professor 9434629691 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Chiranjit Ghosh Tutor 9432686340 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Shyamal Dasgupta Associate Professor 9433493752 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Nandini Goswami Tutor 9681028908 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Shelley Seth Associate Professor 9748968739 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Suman Poddar Tutor 9836734397 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Hasibul Hasan Shirazee Associate Professor 9874469505 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha Assistant Professor 9830128636 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
DR. SUSMITA DAS Tutor 9830505606 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Bharat Chandra Mandi Tutor 9800740760 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Anindya Das Assistant Professor 9830475968 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Monimala Murmu Assistant Professor 9339871074 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Aparna Chakraborty Assistant Professor 9433101127 Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Kingshuk Dhar Professor and HOD 9830145741 Medical Gastroenterology
Dr. Debojyoti Chakraborty Tutor 9051629051 Medical Gastroenterology
Dr. Sangeeta Ghosh Assistant Professor 9007829967 Microbiology
Dr. Subhendu Sikdar Assistant Professor 9836535096 Microbiology
Dr. Smita Samanta Demonstrator 9830666838 Microbiology
Dr. Sangeeta Pal Demonstrator 9735817099 Microbiology
Dr. Maitreyi Bandyopadhyay Professor and HOD 9830520909 Microbiology
Dr. Reena Roy(Ghosh) Professor 9433136234 Microbiology
Dr. Bipasa Chakraborty Assistant Professor 8420974453 Microbiology
Dr. Abhra Banerjee Assistant Professor 9830796266 Microbiology
Dr. Dipanjan Halder Assistant Professor 8013402997 Neonatology
Dr. Partha Sarathi Das Tutor 7407517222 Neonatology
Dr. Gopinath Mondal Tutor 9163754675 Neonatology
Dr. Kanailal Karmakar Associate Professor Nephrology
Dr. Dhiman Das Associate Professor 9830587116 Neuro Medicine
Dr. Jatai Krishna Mandal Tutor 8145653328 Neuro Medicine
Dr. Pradip Biswas Tutor 9051626848 Neuro Medicine
Dr. Arup Kumar Dutta Associate Professor 9831508033 Neuro Medicine
Dr. Tejendranath Kundu Professor HOD 9831080181 Neuro Medicine 02.09.2022
Dr. Barun Kumar Pal Assistant Professor 9432332962 Neuro Surgery
Dr. Rakhi Chakraborty Tutor 7483815990 Neuro Surgery
Dr. Amar Chandra Dhal Professor and HOD 9433080756 Neuro Surgery
Dr. Dinesh Jaluka Associate Professor Neuro Surgery
Dr. Manas Bandopadhyay Professor and HOD 9433451545 Ophthalmology
Dr. Prasenjit Maiti Professor 9831044795 Ophthalmology
Dr. Debajyoti Nanda Associate Professor 9476114539 Ophthalmology
Dr. Pampa Halder Associate Professor 9432181398 Ophthalmology
Dr. Krittika Palchoudhury Assistant Professor 9831380297 Ophthalmology
Dr. Aparna Mandal Tutor 9007008916 Ophthalmology
Dr. Mainak Chandra Assistant Professor 9830328369 Orthopaedics
Dr. Debojyoti Mukherjee Associate Professor 9933333024 Orthopaedics
Dr. Sumanta Pal Assistant Professor 9531642421 Orthopaedics
Prof.(Dr.) Sandip Ghosh Principal Orthopaedics
Dr. Arun Kr. Seal Tutor 9830067058 Orthopaedics
Dr. Rajeev Biswas Tutor 8777409619 Orthopaedics
Dr. Sunit Hazra Associate Professor 9830074273 Orthopaedics
Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Professor and HOD 9433041370 Orthopaedics
Dr. Sourav Ghosh Assistant Professor Orthopaedics
Dr. Debasree Guha Assistant Professor 9051137884 Paediatric Medicine Detailment
Dr. Shibani Pal Tutor 9748621067 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Gobinda Ch. Das Professor HOD 9433257508 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Sharmistha Basu Tutor 9474161428 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Sabyasachi Som Professor 9434027847 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Rajesh Sarkar Tutor 9007953450 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Sibnath Gayen Associate Professor 9830081954 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Pradipprava Paria Tutor 9903901610 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Pranab Kr. Dey Associate Professor 8902365478 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Abhishek Roy Associate Professor 9433113461 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh Assistant Professor 9434187630 Paediatric Medicine Detailed at BMC
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Halder Assistant Professor 9836987330 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Prativa Biswas Associate Professor 8910538747 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Shabarna Roy Assistant Professor 9933062301 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Angshumitra Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor 9433391255 Paediatric Medicine
Dr. Suchismita Chakraborty Assistant Professor 9883091558 Pathology
Dr. Boby Majumder Demonstrator Pathology
Dr. Rena Guha Demonstrator 9051072572 Pathology
Dr. Tushar Kanti Das Professor and HOD 9433111236 Pathology
Dr. Urvee Sarkar Assistant Professor 9836003852 Pathology
Dr. Sanghamitra Mukherjee Assistant Professor 9333742483 Pathology
Dr. Nandini Bhadhuri Assistant Professor 9474488093 Pathology
Dr. Susmita Mukherjee Assistant Professor 9239331285 Pathology
Dr. Mrinal Sikder Assistant Professor 9477061424 Pathology
Dr. Pravas Sarkar Demonstrator 9433015026 Pathology
Dr. Sucharita Sarkar Demonstrator 9831847983 Pathology
Dr. Swagata Mistry Demonstrator 9143034454 Pathology
Dr. Anjali Bandyopadhyay Professor 9674666246 Pathology
Dr. Soma Ghosh Demonstrator 9433486497 Pathology
Dr. Palash Kumar Mondal Associate Professor 9883917838 Pathology
Dr. Tanima Roy Mondal Demonstrator 9830286514 Pathology
Dr. Partha Chakraborty Assistant Professor 9477270036 Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Pankaj Halder Associate Professor 9230220674 Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Shabnam Ara Begum Associate Professor Pharmacology
Dr. Tapas Bera Professor and HOD 9432092152 Pharmacology
Dr. Lopamudra (Dhar) Chowdhury Professor 9433135767 Pharmacology
Dr. Avijit Ganguly Assistant Professor 9830220324 Pharmacology
Dr. Sudip Bhar Demonstrator 9883412864 Pharmacology
Dr. Swapan Kumar Mandal Assistant Professor 9830063699 Pharmacology
Dr. Ratul Banerjee Demonstrator 9051920845 Pharmacology
Dr. Satrajit Dan Demonstrator 9434660711 Pharmacology
Dr. Kaushick Mishra Demonstrator 9433141161 Pharmacology
Dr. Chandrasekhar Murmu Tutor 9830148935 Physical Medicine
Dr. Sandipan Hazra Tutor 9903165495 Physical Medicine
Dr. Pallab Das Professor and HOD 9830123529 Physical Medicine
Dr. Aniketa Banerjee Associate Professor 9830067816 Physical Medicine
Dr. Soumyadipta Ghosh Assistant Professor 9143322253 Physical Medicine
Dr. Mithun Chandra Roy Tutor 9153059085 Physical Medicine
Dr. Hussain Sheik Asik Demonstrator 8282869823 Physiology
Dr. Kaustuv Banerjee Demonstrator 9433110779 Physiology
Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya Professor 9903108419 Physiology
Dr. Rajarshi Ray Demonstrator 9433110158 Physiology
Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Vashisth MSVP 9830519741 Physiology
Dr. Joyashree Banerjee Associate Professor 9433121826 Physiology
Dr. Subhra Bhattacharya Demonstrator 9674841959 Physiology
Dr. Bulbul Mukhopadhyay Professor and HOD 9433426784 Physiology
Dr. Bosumita Sinha Associate Professor 9433191213 Physiology
Dr. Suranjan Banerjee Assistant Professor 9434573514 Physiology
Dr. Debajyoti Das Assistant Professor 9836456592 Physiology
Dr. Madhumita De Assistant Professor 9433080520 Physiology
Dr. Ruma Seal Demonstrator 9433150354 Physiology
Dr. Sarmistha Sinha Demonstrator 9674554409 Physiology
Dr. Dhananjoy Mandal Demonstrator 8697903150 Physiology
Dr. Meheraj Sk Tutor 9874862676 Plastic Surgery
Dr. Arnab Mondal Tutor Plastic Surgery
Dr. Vedula Padmini Saha Professor 9432205817 Plastic Surgery
Dr. Rup Narayan Bhattacharya Professor 9830084462 Plastic Surgery
Dr. Gouranga Dutta Assistant Professor 9903035717 Plastic Surgery
Dr. Rajarshi Neogi Assistant Professor 9830377043 Psychiatry
Dr. Anish Kumar Dawn Tutor 9153166848 Psychiatry
Dr. Dilip Kumar Mondal Professor and HOD 9830064522 Psychiatry
Dr. Subhojit Chatterjee Associate Professor 9432642579 Radiology
Dr. Sudipto Chaudhury Associate Professor 9830839816 Radiology
Dr. Amit Kumar Das Associate Professor 9875306447 Radiology
Dr. Subrata Kumar Biswas Assistant Professor 8900022120 Radiology
Dr. Debasish Dey Assistant Professor Radiology
Dr. Samim Akhtar Gazi Tutor 9153306561 Radiology
Dr. Atanu Chatterjee Tutor 8334889622 Radiology
Dr. Ishita Mandal Tutor 8100042562 Radiology
Dr. Subhra Shankha Roy Tutor 8017148854 Radiology
Dr. Jayati Bardhan Professor and HOD 9831839803 Radiology
Dr. Amitabha Chakrabarti Associate Professor 8902108146 Radiotherapy
Dr. Santanu Acharya Associate Professor 9883083052 Radiotherapy
Dr. Partha Dasgupta Associate Professor Radiotherapy
Dr. Sourav Sau Associate Professor 9735126372 Radiotherapy
Dr. Krishnangshu Bhanja Choudhury Assistant Professor 9830932869 Radiotherapy
Dr. Shatarupa Dutta Assistant Professor 9433228783 Radiotherapy
Dr. Rahul Bhowmick Tutor 7980261212 Radiotherapy
Dr. Sourav Kumar Ghosh Tutor 9330304204 Radiotherapy
Dr. Suranjan Maitra Tutor 9933099901 Radiotherapy
Dr. Bidisha Naskar Ghosh Professor 9432164842 Radiotherapy
Dr. Chandan Dasgupta Professor 9831618971 Radiotherapy
Dr. Ranjan Kr. Dey Professor 9831046873 Urology
Dr. Shashikant Tewary Assisatant Professor 9007469150 Urology
Dr. Sudipta Kumar Singh Tutor 9748230982 Urology